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Heaven's last, best gift, my ever new delight!


001. we held the day in the palm of our hands
Cesare Borgia. In the end, Cesare always gets what he wants.

002. for which no sweeter psalms were fit
Cesare/Lucrezia. She never stays, no matter how loud or how fervent his confessions become.


001. quoth thine love’s tragic curse
Nate, Tripp; Nate/Blair. Revered and retold far and wide, are the greatest love stories ever known to man.

002. before the gates of hell
Tripp/Blair, Nate/Blair, William/Blair. Blair loves them both.

003. woe to the vanquished
Tripp/Blair. The Vanderbilt in him could never turn down a challenge.

004. her will, be it their peace
Blair/Nate/Serena. Once upon a time there lived a girl, and a boy, and a girl.

005. infinity is but a golden ring
Tripp/Blair. Not even her dreams are quite this perfect.

006. so fades a summer cloud away
Tripp/Maureen. It is said that time can mend the worst of wounds.

007. for now i see peace to corrupt and fools to waste
William, Nate. In the elaborate, decisive methodology often undertaken in rearing an heir, focus is relentlessly placed upon the hardest of lessons learned.

008. a touch of simplicity
Dan/Blair. She forgives the vagueness of his words. She forgets them entirely when his hand finds and lightly holds hers.

009. soliloquies under the pale moonlight
William/Blair. Of little consequence or concern are the wrongs. All that matters, are the rights.

010. smiles from madness flow
Tripp/Blair/Carter. They are miserable, all right – and quite possibly mad – and fittingly enough, in each other’s company.

011. light doth seize the broken heart
William/Blair. He promised her everything, and left her with nothing.

001. her naked beauty so adorned, more lovely than pandora
William/Blair. This little queen never takes no, only yes, your majesty.

002. carpe diem
Carter/Blair. Courage often brings reward, and Carter stakes his bets with practiced ease and charm.

003. they lay on a bed of crimson joy
Tripp/Blair. Sometimes, she dreams the inevitable end.

004. for my pains she gave me a world of sighs
Nate/Maureen. Sometimes, he imagines pressing his lips against hers.

005. to stir all night to selene’s immortal song
Tripp/Blair. The heart forever yearns.

006. serenade for a queen
Rufus/Blair. Double the effort, half the return… such is the fickle nature of inspiration that scarcely hits, if ever at all.

007. hoops in manhattan
Dan, Eric. At times like these, just thinking about it, he found himself comically inclined to believe they were all nothing more than mere characters on some measly teenage sitcom, because there was no way people such as themselves existed in real life.

001. heaven doth the devil yearn
part one | part two | part three | part four
William/Blair; Nate/Blair. She’s spent entirely too much time loathing herself and hating the world, pinning her dreams on silly little boys so lost themselves… and on the empty promises they make in the hope she’ll stay. He does not offer dreams, but realities.


001. the tangled web we weave
Landa/von Hammersmark. Bridget von Hammersmark was a brilliant actress.

001. if the shoe fits, you must wear it
An insight into the Landa/von Hammersmark dynamic briefly touched upon in the movie.


001. lovers' wine
Loki/Sif. It’s only after she’s gone that he realises he didn’t ask for a name.

001. exit strategies through gilded doors
Loki/Sif. Theirs is a history of chances lost, of words unspoken and unheard.


001. in my mind’s eye, horatio
Elijah/Elena. Forbidden paradise resides in a small crevice where truth collides and festers.

002. lasciate ogni speranza
Elijah/Elena/Klaus. They are too resolved, too stubborn to be bent as they trade in claws and fists.

003. to an aspect of perdition, revolution
Klaus/Elena/Elijah. Deep down, she knows she can’t resist him forever.

001. like confessing a murder
Alaric!Klaus/Katherine. Katherine never asks herself why she doesn’t fight him.

002. not a victory march
Klaus/Damon. When they find Stefan, they find Klaus.

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